Transport Compliance Services
Let us assist you in managing your transport compliance and obligations

Transport Compliance Services
Help to manage your operation efficiently and effectively

Transport Compliance Services
Ensure you operate safe and legal

Transport Compliance Services

Transport Compliance Services can help you to have a safe and legal transport operation and manage it efficiently and effectively.

A commercial vehicle operator has many obligations and commitments. They have an obligation to manage transport activities effectively and a responsibility to keep the vehicles they operate in a safe, legal and roadworthy condition.

Operators have an undertaking to comply with various conditions and failure to comply is a criminal offence. These include:

  • The laws relating to driving and the use of vehicles are to be observed
  • Rules on driving hours must be observed
  • Vehicle and trailers must be maintained in a safe and serviceable condition
  • Defect reporting must be carried out correctly
  • Record keeping must be maintained and available


Fleet Management

Fleet Management Support

Assistance with your fleet management can take the form of regular visits or remote assistance.

Drivers Hours Analysis

Have your drivers’ hours monitored and assessed independently with infringement reporting, working time directive reports, missing mileage reports etc.

Transport Administration

Help is available to set up your transport administration systems with filing systems, appropriate declarations and documentation and can also provide fleet management and tachograph analysis software.

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Compliance Auditing

Compliance Audit

An audit carried out as part of your undertakings or for presentation at a Public Inquiry. A compliance audit can also help in any application or to highlight any concerns with your operation.

Maintenance Arrangements

An audit of your maintenance arrangements to ensure compliance in this area.

Drivers Hours

An audit to assess your systems and procedures regarding your responsibilities to manage drivers’ hours.

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Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring Audit

Regular quality monitoring of your maintenance and/or drivers’ hours arrangements will ensure you always meet your Operator Licence obligations. Audits can vary in size and content to meet your needs.

Workshop Assessments

An assessment of the standard of yours or your maintenance providers workshop and facilities. This would include appropriate certification of equipment, equipment available for use, documentation used, necessary insurance, facilities available.

Inspection Report Completion

An essential part of quality monitoring and often overlooked. Safety inspection reports must be completed correctly, contain certain information and checked on receipt. Do you know what to look for?

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FORS – Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

FORS Accreditation

Prepare your organisation for FORS accreditation



Carry out a self-assessment to establish the standard of your transport management and what improvements may be required.

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Other Services

External Transport Managers

Placement of an external Transport Manager on long term as a nominated Transport Manager, short term to assist whilst finding an appropriate candidate or assistance with a restricted licence.

Bespoke Transport Audits

Assistance in carrying out or developing your own internal transport audits.


Please call to discuss any training requirements.

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“Continuous reviewing and monitoring of the quality of the systems in place is essential to ensure that they are sufficiently comprehensive to do the job.”

DVSA Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness

Legislation has provided authorised DVSA examiners with powers that include:
  • The power to inspect vehicles
  • The power to prohibit and direct vehicles
  • Powers relating to the investigation of possible breaches of regulations
  • The power to instigate, conduct and appear in proceedings at a magistrates’ court
  • The power to issue improvement notices and prohibition notices in relation to working time rules

A Traffic Commissioner has the power to:
  • Revoke or suspend a licence
  • Reduce the number of vehicles you are authorised to use
  • Place conditions or undertakings on a licence
  • Take action against your Transport Manager
  • Call you to Preliminary Hearings or Public Inquiries

What you need to know

Use the DVSA Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness for guidance on your maintenance arrangements.

Refer to the Rules on Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs for Goods Vehicles in Great Britain and Europe published by the DVSA.

Ensure you are familiar with the Senior Traffic Commissioner’s Statutory Guidance.

Transport management may not be your main occupation but you still need to abide by the rules. If unsure, seek help and advice, it’s your Operator’s Licence, don’t lose it.

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